Add new members to your company

Adding a new member to your company platform enables others to edit the front and back-end of your hub.


What is it 

When inviting new members you have the choice to give them a role of either a viewer, editor, or owner. Viewers will only be able to overlook your company without the ability to edit. The editor role grants these lack of permissions and the owner grants equal ability to you. You also have the ability to resend invites if needed.

How do I do this?

Step 1: Invite new members to your company

  • Go to Account settings in the top right
  • Go to Company Members
  • Click on Invite new member
  • Enter your new member's email, name, and role.
  • Select Invite


Can I resend the invite if I have entered the wrong details?

No, an invitation should only be resent if it was not received. In the event that you entered their details incorrectly, you need to delete that member and then reinvite with their information again.  If you have entered their details correctly and need to resend an invitation then simply select the three-dot icon next to the member's details and select Resend Invite.


Why would I want to add a viewer over an editor?

You might find it useful to add specific members as viewers, such as marketers, collaborators and peers, so that they can overlook relevant hub analytics, promotion mechanics, and user details.


What is the difference between editor and owner?

Owners can edit the portal, invite new members, revoke member invites, update details and delete members while an editor can only edit the portal and send password reset links for members.


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Louis Docherty 

Head of Customer Success and Product Experience.