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Delve deep and learn about your community.



What is it?

The Checklist card works by users checking off various prompts that they think applies to them. The number of prompts selected then provides the user with a shareable, predetermined outcome that you can configure.

This card breaks your community down into smaller segments, allowing you to target various groups with specific marketing materials.


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How do I build one?


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Step 1: Add a Checklist card to your Hub

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  • Navigate to your Engagement Hub
  • Once there click Add Content, from here select Games and then Checklist. 
  • You will then see your new card has been added to your Hub.


Step 2: Add your Prompts

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  • Clicking on the Checklist will open the editing module. 
  • (1) Add your title here.
  • (2) This is where you add each of your different prompts. An example of a prompt might be, "I own more than three pieces of merchandise". Additionally, you can also upload an image by clicking on the icon.
  • (3) This is where you add additional prompts.
  • (4) Toggling this will turn on/off the images associated with each prompt.
  • (5) You can add an author tag by displaying the brand or person who's responsible for the card content.
  • (6) Add a description to the card.
  • (7) You have the option to add a Cover image.
  • (8) You can alter the layout of the prompts by selecting from the options here.
  • (9) Allow users to play multiple times.


Step 3: Set up your Results

CleanShot 2022-09-30 at 11.00.41@2x

  • (1) By clicking on the ... you will see the options Customize range and Delete. 

  • By clicking Customise range you can set the number of items users need to select in order to receive this result.
  • (A) Ticking the Custom range you can then set the range.
  • (B) Here is where you enter the range.
  • (2) Here you customise your result by setting a title and (3) description.
  • (4) This is where you can upload an image associated with that result.
  • (5) Click here to add another result.

Step 4: Add a Data capture (Optional)

Whilst adding a competition to your Checklist isn't mandatory if you're looking to collect user data, it is not always required and can be used purely as an engagement piece. 



Step 5: Publish your card

CleanShot 2022-09-30 at 11.05.21@2x

Once you've completed all of these steps, played around with your card and are happy with all the aspects of your card, it's time to get your card live! 

  • (1) Publish your card manually for the world to see!
  • (2) Schedule your card to be published and unpublished at set dates and times. 
  • (3) Click on the ... to Preview and interact with the card on the front end from a user's perspective before publishing it. See how to test your card here.

Note: All competition entries will be recorded and will impact the card analytics.


"Go live" checklist

Ready to go live with your Checklist? We recommend reviewing the following list before launching and double-checking if you have:

  • All images uploaded are the correct dimensions. Export image files in 2x to ensure none of the images appear pixelated.
  • Added all your options (including imagery where possible).
  • All your result screens are set up with imagery, copy and the result range.
  • If you have a competition and a data capture attached:
    • All your communications (Registration, Winner/s, Everybody Else) are fully set up and ready to send.
    • You have hyperlinked your T&C's to the opt-in-field, which is created in the data capture section of the settings tab.
    • Ensure your Prizes and the awarding rules are set up correctly.
    • If you are using coupons, make sure the coupons created are set up correctly. Check the coupon limits are set, the copy for each screen is right and you have linked the appropriate coupons to your communications.

Then you're ready to go live!


Checklist Card - Celebrate-2






How can the Checklist card be used to learn more about my community?

Whilst you need to create content that is interesting for users to engage with, you can still include market research responses within your checklist. e.g. for sports teams; "You are a season ticket holder" This allows you to segment your users and find gaps in your product offering.

What is the recommended number of options and outcomes?

For your Checklist card to display best on phone whilst providing a significant number of options we've found the sweet spot to be around 6-8 options, with an outcome generally associated with 2 options. e.g. for every 2 options, you should have 1 outcome. 


Top Tips

  • Add a good amount of options for users to choose from (we recommend 10 options). 
  • Include a cover image. A cover image brings the card to life, everyone loves images and visuals!
  • Ask a question where you can learn more about your community e.g. "What type of shopper are you?"
  • Create at least 2 result screens for this card. If you have 10 options, you should have at least 4 result screens as this makes each result unique to every user.
  • Include market research questions to better understand your audience. E.g as an option include "I have a Komo account" here you will know who is or isn't associated with your brand directly.


One last note: 

At Komo, we pride ourselves on not only the results our clients achieve with us but the service they receive whilst bringing their Hub's to life. 

If you ever have any questions about an upcoming activation, how you can best utilise Komo to get the best possible outcome, or just a general query, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Specialist or email us at


We also love your feedback, so please let us know if this article helped you by selecting from the options below. 


Louis Docherty 

Head of Customer Success