Default Data Capture Form

Create a quick and easy default form to use for all competitions.

If you plan to Add Data Capture to your Content Cards, we recommend taking a few minutes to set up your Default Form in the Hub settings before getting started. This default form automatically attaches to competitions, so setting it up in advance will save you time - especially if you plan to run multiple competitions.

Note: This feature will only add the data capture form when it is first created; you are still able to alter the Data Capture on a case-by-case basis to suit whatever competition you are running.  


How to build one:


Step 1: Go to the Hub settings

CleanShot 2022-05-26 at 11.32.48

  • Navigate to your Engagement Hub.
  • Click on the Settings tab and then head to the Data capture tab.


Step 2: Edit your default form

CleanShot 2022-05-26 at 11.30.25@2x

  • (1) Here we can add the form cover image. You may choose to alter this depending upon the competition you are planning to run. However, setting a simple image here (e.g. a logo) will add it to your form.
  • (2) Here you can alter the title and description that will sit above your data capture fields. 
  • (3) Here we are looking at the specific data capture fields. (4) Each one of these has additional settings such as making it a required field. 
  • (5) We can add as many or as few additional fields as you would like, such as a marketing opt-in.
  • (6) Here you can alter the copy and colours of the submit button. 

Note: Additionally on this page you can set up default Webhooks to pull data to a destination of your choice.


Step 3: Add content

CleanShot 2022-05-26 at 12.09.56

Once this is set when new competitions are added to cards in this Engagement Hub this form will appear. You can always check this by going back to your hub and clicking "Add Content".


Step 4: Add a data capture

CleanShot 2022-05-26 at 12.37.40

  • Click on the Settings cog of the card.
  • Head to the Data capture tab and then click Add data capture.
  • Clicking on Form and then Entry Form you will see the Default Form has been added.


One last note: 

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Louis Docherty 

Head of Customer Success