Edit Entrant Details and Resend Communications

Want to know how to edit a user's details if they have incorrectly filled out the data capture form and how to resend comms? Read on...



What is it? 

If a user has incorrectly filled out a Data capture form for a competition, you have the ability to edit and update an entrant's details. Once you have updated an entrant's details, you are able to resend any communications associated with the entry to the updated information.

How do I do this?


Step 1: Select the relevant competition card

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  • Head to your Hub and then the card you wish to edit a user's details.
  • Click on the Settings cog.
  • Select Data capture then Entries.


Step 2: Edit an entrant's details

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  • Find the entrant with the incorrect details.
  • (1) Click the ... icon next to the entry.
  • (2) Select Edit to update the user's information.

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Note: the information you can edit here will correspond to your Data capture form.

  • (A) Here you can edit an entrant's first name.
  • (B) You can edit an entrant's last name.
  • (C) Here you can edit an entrant's mobile.
  • (D) You can adjust any opt-ins.
  • Once you have updated their details and clicked on Submit, you will get a pop-up requesting to resend any associated comms to this user.

CleanShot 2022-10-04 at 16.46.33@2x

  • (A) Select the communication you wish to resend then click (B) Resend.

Step 3: Resend Communications

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  • If you wish to just resend communications to an entrant,
  • (1) Click on the ... icon next to the entry.
  • (2) Select Resend comms.

CleanShot 2022-10-04 at 16.48.30@2x

  • You can select the communications that are associated with the entry.
  • (A) Select the communication you wish to resend then click (B) Resend.


What can details I edit in this process?

 It is possible to edit all user inputs that were presented to them at the time of data capture. Examples of inputs include but are not limited to: First name, last name, mobile number, email address, etc.


If I update an entrant's details, will this impact my excel export?
Yes, when you change an entrant's information, it will update in the card and in the CSV file when you export all the data for the competition.


Can I send more than one type of communication to the user?

You can only re-send communications that have been previously sent to this user.


Can I do this for all competitions?

You can do this with any competition that has a Data capture form attached. However, you are unable to change any entrant details for the Live Trivia Card.


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