Activation Ideas: FMCG

Get inspired for your FMCG Hub!



Test Your Knowledge

Use either the Live Trivia or Quiz Card to test your community's knowledge on any topic.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your community through market research questions and reward your audience.

Tip: Utilise Komo's Digital Coupons to maximise your return. Provide all entrants with the opportunity to try your products for free or at a discounted price, and encourage them to return to your brick-and-mortar stores.


Secret Codes

With the Secret Code Card, you can drive people to a destination of your choice. Users will find and submit a secret code in return for a special offer or an exclusive product.

Tip: Utilise the Secret Code to promote your social media platforms by posting the secret code on socials then sending Hub visitors to your social media to receive the exclusive deal.


Put up promotional material in-store with the secret code printed on it to drive traffic to your Hub.  Users can submit the secret code on the Hub to receive an exclusive deal on your products!


Personality Quiz

Use a Personality Quiz to engage your community and send out personalised rewards based on the outcome of the quiz. These can be based on specific dates and events, or any topic that you can think of!  This is also a prime spot to include market research questions that allow you to drill down and get a greater understanding of that individual consumer's persona.

Tip: The 'What type of X are you?" questions are very effective prompts for this type of card.


Push your brand by recommending certain products based on the user's outcome, e.g.: "What Type of Beer Drinker Are You?"  The quiz results can lead to different brand products and corresponding Digital Coupons. 


Caption Contest

Use the 20 Words or Less Card to run a caption contest competition. This is an easy-to-set-up competition that allows you to gather user-generated content to repurpose for your social media platforms.

Tip: Show off your creative community by publishing the winning entries on your Engagement Hub, social channels, and EDM. 


Use this competition as an opportunity to increase brand awareness and integrate your products into the image prompt. With this competition, you can also offer Digital Coupons to all entrants as an incentive to participate. 



Sports Predictor

Encourage your community to predict unknown events for special occasions and reward those who get their predictions correct. This works great for big events such as AFL, BBL, and A-League games, but also provides a great opportunity to tie into local teams and support your community.


Working with local sports teams, build a live predictor game that allows your community to directly engage and make predictions on the game, e.g.: Which team will win? Over or Under 2.5 goals? Who will score? You can then reward members of your community that made correct selections with larger prizes and provide digital coupons to all entrants as an "everybody wins" prize.



Photo Contest

Using the upload file feature in the Receipt Uploader card to host a photo contest. Here, users can upload photos of themselves enjoying your products and prizes can be awarded accordingly. This idea is a great way to engage your community and promote user-generated content. 

Tip: To make this competition go even further, add the top entrants' photos into a Poll Card and have your community vote on a winner.


Celebrate creativity with a competition such as "Send in a photo of the coolest place you've had one of our products!" Add on a great prize to encourage participation and fun user-generated content. 



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