Invite Only Live Trivia Games

Want to know how to make your Live Trivia games only accessible to select people? Read on...


Note: If you are wanting to use the Live Trivia invite feature reach out to your Customer Success Specialist.


What is it?

The invite only feature provides a means for you to make a Live Trivia game only accessible to a certain group of people. 

One way you may decide to use this feature is by inviting the top performing participants from previous Live Trivia games to a Grand Final where they will play off for the ultimate prize.

How do I set it up?


Step 1: Toggle on the invite only feature

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  • Set up your Live Trivia as you normally would. If you would like further information on this click here.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel tab and toggle on the Invite only feature.


Step 2: Create your invite list

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  • You will need to create a list of all the entrants who you wish to invite to your Live Trivia game. 
  • You will need to label the first cell in each column after each of fields in your form. See the above image for reference.
  • Once you've created your invite list save the document as a .csv file.


Step 3: Upload the invite list to the Live Trivia game

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  • Head back to the Live Trivia game and click on the Upload Registrations button.
  • Upload the CSV File.


Step 4: Inform your entrants they've been invited to the Live Trivia game

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  • After uploading the invite list you will need to notify entrants that they've been invited to participate in your Live Trivia game.
  • Navigate to the Prizes and Comms tab and add a communication with the Trigger for distribution set to Manually sent.

Note: Remember to include the gameplay link code in your email.

CleanShot 2022-03-01 at 13.39.02@2x

  • After writing your copy of your invite email click Update email. Click on the three dots next to the communication and then Send to all.


One last note: 

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Louis Docherty 

Head of Customer Success and Product Experience.