Memory Challenge Card

Match the pairs before time runs out.



What is it?

The Memory Challenge Card is a fun, interactive memory game where users will need to match the pairs before time runs out. Score points for every match, lose points for mismatches and gain bonus points for streaks!

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How do I build one?


Step 1: Add a Memory Challenge card to your Hub

  • Navigate to your Engagement Hub
  • Once there, click Add content, from here select Games and then Memory Challenge. 
  • Provide an internal name for the card.
  • You will then see your new card has been added to your Hub.


Step 2: Review the Overview Tab

  • The Overview Tab provides you with all the necessary resources to successfully build out your own Memory Challenge Card! 
  • (1) + (2) From here, you can schedule or publish your Card. 
  • (3) The Setup guide will show you which steps are required before your Card is ready to go live. This corresponds to the caution icons you will see on the Tabs in the left-hand menu. 
  • (4) Here, you have links to helpful resources, like this Help Article and Design Guidelines for the Memory Challenge Card.


Step 3: Add a Cover image

  • Clicking on the Memory Challenge will open the editing module. 
  • (1) You have the option to give your Memory Challenge a title or (6) disable the title bar. 
  • (2) Here you add your Cover image.
  • (3) Alter the colour and copy on the call-to-action bar or (7) you can disable the bar here.

Note: if you disable the CTA, we recommend adding a call-to-action on the cover image to inform users they need to click on the image to enter.

  • (4) You can add an author tag by displaying the brand or person who's responsible for the card content.
  • (5) Add an optional description to the card.


Step 4: Edit the Instructions screen

CleanShot 2022-12-09 at 07.23.58@2x

  • (1) Edit the header bar here by altering the colour and uploading your logo.
  • (2) Add a title to the instructions and (5) change the font colour here.
  • (3) Include a description and (6) change the font colour here.

Note: We recommend putting the rules of the game here. E.g. Match all the pairs in under 60 seconds to win!

  • (4) Alter the call-to-action bar here.


Step 5: Edit the Gameplay screen

CleanShot 2022-12-09 at 07.26.19@2x

  • (1) Add a description to the game.
  • (2) Click here to edit the timer.
  • (3) Here is where you'll edit the scoring table.

  • (A) Alter the background colour of the table and text colour here.
  • (B) Edit the timer bar colour or toggle off this feature here.
  • (4) Here is where you'll upload all your game assets.

  • (A) Upload an image for the back of the tiles.
    Note: We recommend using your logo in the designs here.
  • (B) Here and below is where you'll upload all the pair images.
  • (C) You can add more pairs to the game using the plus icon.
  • (5) Click here to edit the gameplay styling.

  • (A) Edit the header bar here.
    Note: The settings made in Step 3(1) will be the same for all screens.
  • (B) Change the description text colour here.
  • (C) Upload an image for the background or (D) select a solid colour.



Step 6: Edit your Result screens

CleanShot 2022-12-09 at 08.10.22@2x

  • (1) Add a title to the winning screen.
  • (2) Alter the colour and copy of the Enter competition call-to-action bar.
  • (3) You can alter the colour and copy of the share call-to-action bar.
  • (4) Alter the colour and copy of the play again call-to-action bar.
  • (5) Edit the result card background and text colour here.
  • (6) Click here to edit the failure screen.

CleanShot 2022-12-09 at 08.12.38@2x

  • (A) Add a title to the failure screen.
  • (B) Alter the colour and copy of the play again call-to-action or (D) you can disable this button here.
  • (C) Edit the result card background and text colour here.
    Note: The settings made in Step 5(5) will also apply to this screen.



Step 7: Set up your Data capture (Optional) 

Whilst adding a competition to your Swiper is recommended to collect data, it is not always required and can be used purely as an engagement piece. 

Group 1660



Step 8: Attach a Leaderboard (Optional)

CleanShot 2022-12-09 at 08.16.38@2x

  • After you have added a data capture to the card, head back to the success screen.
  • (1) Using the toggle, enable the leaderboard.
  • (2) Click on the edit icon to set up the leaderboard.


CleanShot 2022-12-06 at 07.18.08@2x

  • (A) You can add a background to the leaderboard by setting a solid colour or uploading an image.
  • (B) Click here to enter the Leaderboard title settings.

CleanShot 2022-12-06 at 07.26.25@2x

    • (a) Here you can change the title of the leaderboard.
    • (b) You can label the cell and clicking on ..., you can clone and delete this layer.
    • (c) Edit the cell size here.
    • (d) Using the grid layout, you can select your preferred text alignment. The boxes below allow you to alter the horizontal and vertical padding.
    • (e) Alter the typography here. Change the title font, size and colour.
  • (C) Click here to enter the user ranking title settings.
    Note: Follow Steps 2B(a-e).
  • (D) Here is where you'll edit the user ranking settings.

CleanShot 2022-12-06 at 08.05.46@2x

    • This is an example of the user's ranking. This will update with the user's data once they have played the Memory Challenge.
    • (a) Edit the cell size here.
    • (b) Alter the horizontal and vertical padding.
    • (c)  Here you can edit the typography. Change the title font, size and colour.
    • (d) Scrolling down, you can add a background colour to the user ranking and adjust the border radius.
  • (E) Click here to enter the leaderboard ranking title settings.
    Note: Follow Steps 2B(a-e).
  • (F) Here is where you'll edit the leaderboard ranking settings.
    Note: Follow Steps 2D(a-d).

CleanShot 2022-12-06 at 08.21.06@2x

    • (a) Here you can adjust the number of positions shown on the leaderboard.
    • (b) Alter the spacing between the rank items using the first setting, and the boxes below allow you to alter the horizontal and vertical padding.
    • (c) Scrolling down, you can edit the animation. Changing the duration of the scroll (milliseconds) and the delay.
      Note: This setting works best if you have more than 10 rank items, or if you can't view all the items on one page.


Step 9: Publish your card

Once you've completed all of these steps, played around with your card and are happy with all the aspects of your card, it's time to get your card live!

  • (1) Publish your card manually and instantly for the world to see. 
  • (2) Schedule your card to be published and unpublished at set dates and times. 
  • (3) Click on ... to Preview and interact with the card on the front end from a user's perspective before publishing it. See how to test your card here.

Note: All competition entries will be recorded and will impact the card analytics.



"Go live" checklist

Ready to go live with your Memory Challenge? We recommend reviewing the following list before launching and double-checking if you have:

  • All images uploaded are the correct dimensions. Export image files in 2x to ensure none of the images appear pixelated.
  • You have set the timer for the game.
  • Hyperlinked your T&C's to the opt-in-field, which is created in the data capture section of the settings tab if you have a competition attached.
  • All your result screens are set up.
  • All your communications (Registration, Winner/s, Everybody Else) are fully set up and ready to send.
  • If you have a competition attached, ensure your Prizes and the awarding rules are set up correctly. 
  • If you are using coupons, make sure the coupons created are set up correctly. Check the coupon limits are set, the copy for each screen is right and you have linked the appropriate coupons to your communications.

Then you're ready to go live!




Group 1635



Can I have more than 6 pairs to match?

Yes, you can add more pairs to the game. See how to add more here.


Do I need to add a description?

A description is to add more context to the game and screens. For the gameplay screen, you could explain what they need to do e.g. Match the pairs in under 30 seconds to win.


Can I use gifs?

Unfortunately, you can't. You can only use still images in the memory challenge.


How do I add a leaderboard?

To add a leaderboard, you must have a data capture attached to the card. View Step 7 to see how to edit the leaderboard.


Top tips


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