Promotion: Shopping Centres

Ways to promote your Hub activation for your Shopping Centre.

Promotion of your Hub is essential for success.  Keep reading to discover our recommendations on how to promote and drive people to your Engagement Hub. 


In-Venue Promotion:

Advertising your Hub in-venue is the most important form of promotion to maximise foot traffic and audience engagement. Below are our recommendations for in-venue promotion:


Use posters in areas of heavy foot traffic, points of sale, and toilets to maximise their reach. Design with vibrant colours and bold fonts to attract customer attention, and be sure to add a QR code so consumers can simply scan your poster to access your Engagement Hub.

Digital Screens

Large, in-venue screens are also a great way to promote your Engagement Hub. These screens provide a digital medium for users to reach the Engagement Hub and can be animated to capture customers attention.

Involve your Retailers

Involve your stores to maximise Hub promotion by hanging posters within stores, having notices at the point of sale, or even including a Hub QR code on the store's receipts. 

Train Staff on How to Promote your Hub

Face-to-face selling is an excellent opportunity to personalise the promotional experience for the customer.  Train your staff on what the Hub is and its purpose to make it easier for them to showcase it.  We recommend providing them with a "cheat sheet'" on how to sell the experience to customers!

Digital Promotion:

In addition to in-venue promotion, we highly recommend using digital channels to drive traffic to your Engagement Hub. Below are a few methods on how this can be achieved. 

Social Posts & Stories

Post regularly to social media about the Engagement Hub and its competitions. Use CTA's and focus on the available prizes to effectively drive people to your Hub.


Include your Hub, its content, and its unique features in your EDMs.  Newsletters are often overlooked, but have seen great success for many of our partners! 


Need Inspiration?

We've handpicked some of our favourite campaigns to get your creative juices flowing. 

Click here to check them out.


One last note: 

At Komo, we pride ourselves on not only the results our clients achieve with us but the service they receive whilst bringing their Hub's to life. 

If you ever have any questions about an upcoming activation, how you can best utilise Komo to get the best possible outcome, or just a general query, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Specialist or email us at!


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Louis Docherty 

Head of Customer Success and Product Experience.