Activation Ideas: Shopping Centres

Get inspired for your shopping centre Hub!



Treasure Hunt:

Take your community on a treasure hunt around your centre! Start by having users enter a Content Card (either the Secret Code Card or Image Card with data capture) to receive a clue to directing them to a physical or digital location to find the 'secret code'. Once this code is submitted, this can then reveal another clue and so on. Turn this into a more extensive campaign by doing 'Treasure Hunt Thursdays' or on special occasions.


Drive families in-centre by offering a free coffee to mums on Mother's Day.  When they enter their details on the Hub, they will be sent a Digital Coupon for a free coffee as well as the first clue for the treasure hunt. This could lead them to various retailers with an accompanying digital coupon, ultimately leading them to the end of the treasure hunt at a florist, where they receive a free bunch of flowers!

Tip: The Secret Code card is only the name given to this card type. Get creative and use this card to run competitions such as "Complete the Sentence" or "Enter the Number".


Sports Predictor

Encourage your community to predict unknown events for special occasions and reward those who get their predictions correct. This works great for big events such as AFL, BBL, and A-League games, but also provides a great opportunity to tie into local teams and support your community.


Working with local sports teams, build a live predictor game that allows your community to directly engage and make predictions on the game, e.g.: Which team will win? Over or Under 2.5 goals, Who will score? Encourage your community to get involved and watch the game, and then reward correct selections with in-centre vouchers. 


Jelly Bean Guess

Use the physical space in-centre and work with retailers to hold a good old-fashioned guessing game! Fill a container with X amount of an object then use the Number Guess Card to allow your community to take a guess. 

Tip: Utilising a Secret Code hidden by the container, you can interchange this daily and have users come back to guess multiple times throughout the campaign.


Partner with a sporting goods retailer to fill a large container with footy balls, place it somewhere central in your shopping centre, and include visible posters with QR codes to the Hub. In-centre customers can then scan the QR codes to easily guess the number.  You can build on this by adding a Secret Code that is changed daily to drive people in-centre to submit a guess. 


Story Time

Create great user-generated content with the 20 Words or Less Card and the Media Uploader. Encourage families to write creative content, upload, and share! 

Tip: '20 Words or Less' is just the name for this card with the form settings you can alter this to accept as few or as many words as you like. 


Host a competition to find the most creative kids in your community. With a fun prompt such as "The Big Gloomy Castle...", encourage kids (and their parents) to upload their best action story. You can then publish the best ones and announce a winner. Bonus idea: this could be made into a real book and given as a prize! 


Test Your Knowledge

Use either the Live Trivia or Quiz Card to test your community's knowledge on any topic.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your community through market research questions and reward your audience. 


Create a trivia focused on your community and the retailers within your centre with topics such as: "What is Mr Gelato's Favourite Flavour?" or '"How Long Does It Take to Smoke Mr. BBQ's Famous Brisket?" These moments spark conversation, drive people into retailers and add value to the whole centre.  As a bonus, you can award the top (or all!) participants with a Digital Coupon for a particular store or centre-wide.  

What Type Are You? 

Use a Personality Quiz to engage your community and send out personalised rewards based on the outcome of the quiz. These can be based on specific dates and events, or any topic that you can think of!  This is also a prime spot to include market research questions that allow you to drill down and get a greater understanding of that individual consumer's persona. 

Tip: There's no limit to how many stages you can add to this type of quiz; the more questions you add the more you will be able to find out about your community.


Ask your community, "What Type of Pizza Are You?" By asking several questions such as 'Sweet or Salty?' or 'What's your favourite sport?' will lead them to be crowned the Hawaiian King. They are then ultimately sent a Digital Coupon for a Hawaiian pizza from the local pizzeria.


Colouring-In Competition

Take an old classic and reinvent it through your Engagement Hub. Colouring-In competitions are a great way to engage young families, and on the Hub, you can both host the competition and showcase the entrants' masterpieces. 


Engage young families by distributing a blank black-and-white image on the Hub.  Users can then download the image, colour it in and then upload the creation through the Hub. To incentivise future players, upload the winning images onto your Hub and offer up a fun, child-friendly prize or experience.


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