SMS Communications

Understanding how SMS Communications work

SMS communications incur a minimum additional cost of 12c/SMS. Different symbols and language can result in an increased length of texts. SMS are charged at a flat rate of 12c per number of segments. One segment is equivalent to 160 characters.

Note: Coupon and other links will add to your character count. Use of {coupon_link} within SMS communications can add up to 112 characters to your SMS. 


Please be aware that auto-fill first names etc., will increase character count by an unknown amount. We suggest allowing up to 10 characters for this.

To calculate the length of your SMS, Click here.


Copy and paste your intended communications into the segment calculator. Review the number of segments as circled below.


Adding to your character count will increase the number of segments. 160 characters are equal to 1 segment.


For example, sending this communication in SMS format will cost 24c/SMS. These will be charged to you at monthly intervals or post-campaign activations.


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