Coupon reminders

Send communications to remind users to use their coupons.



What is it?

This feature allows you to send communications to users who have not yet redeemed their digital coupons.


How do I set it up?


Step 1: Select the coupon

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  • Go to your Hub and then select the Coupons tab at the top
  • Select the coupon you want to set up a reminder for
  • Click on the Reminders tab on the left


Step 2: Create a reminder

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  • Click on Create reminder 

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Clicking on Create reminder will provide an overview of the communications participants could potentially receive.

  • (A) Add a name to that communication, this is internal and the name won't be seen by the recipients
  • (B) Here you can set whether your recipients will receive the particular communication via email or SMS  
    Note: Make sure to pick the communication channel that matches the information captured by any competitions that uses the coupon. E.g. if your competition form collects email addresses, then select Email. If you use the SMS channel and the competition doesn't capture mobile phone, then reminders will not be sent.
  • (C) Sets the conditions that need to be met in order for an entrant to receive this communication. The three options here are:

    • Based on coupon issue or expiry dates - All participants will receive this communication depending on when they received the coupon or the expiry dates set
    • Manually Sent - Requires you to send out the communication manually

  • (D) Then click here to create your communication


Step 3: Set up communications

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After clicking Create this screen will pop up and you can then customise your communication.
  • (1) This is the internal name
  • (2) You can edit the sender's name. By default, this is set to your Company name in the portal
  • (3) Set a reply-to email address
  • (4) Here you have the option to create an email from a template
  • (5) Set when to automatically send this communication
  • (6) Select if you want this communication to be sent before or after (7) the coupon was issued (and unused) or unused coupon expiry
  • (8) Add a subject line
  • (9) Use the toolbar for greater options when creating your communication. These options are only available for email communications.
  • (10) Copy and paste the coupon link into the email for users to redeem

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Note: We recommend using the button feature to add in your coupon link.

  • (11) Once you're happy with your communications click Update email
  • (12) This option allows you to test the communication

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With SMS communication, you also have the same editing options as when creating an email communication.



Will this send to everyone who has not redeemed their coupon?

Yes, this reminder communication will be sent only to those who are yet to redeem their coupon.


Can I set this up to send a week or a few days before the coupon expires?

You can set up the exact time and days you wish to send this communication before the coupon expiry dates. You can see these options here.


Can I personalise the communication?

Not currently.


One last note: 

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Louis Docherty 

Head of Customer Success and Product Experience.