UTM Parameters

Track the performance of your campaign


What is it?

UTM parameters are short text codes affixed to your URL or links to help you track the performance of your campaigns and web pages. They do not get affected by modifications to third-party cookies, and they work well with Google analytics.

Why would I use it?

With UTM parameters, you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns by pinpointing the source of the conversion or engagement. It can identify the best ways to drive more users to your brand by testing individual posts in the classic A/B testing style.

When should I use it?

UTM parameters are best used when running multiple campaigns across different channels. UTM paraments allow you to track the value and measure ROI of each channel and determine which one is performing best. "Best" can be measured either by traffic, conversions, or whatever metric your brand is tracking.   

How do I use it?

There are 5 Parameters you can use in your URL.

1. utm_source - this identifies the site, publication, advertiser that is sending traffic to your property.

2. utm_medium - this is the marketing or advertising media such as cost per click or e-mail.

3. utm_campaign - this is where the individual campaign name, promo code and slogan for a product is placed.

4. utm_term - this identifies paid search keywords.  

5. utm_content - this is used to differentiate ads. If you have two CTAs with the same message, you can identify which drives more value.


To quickly generate your UTM parameter links click here.


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