Welcome to Komo! - (read me first)

Getting started on the Komo audience Engagement platform.

Whether you've seen the Komo platform before or are starting fresh it never hurts to go back to basics.


The Engagement Hub

Think of the Hub as your community's one-stop-shop for exclusive content, competitions, games and more. All of your content can sit on your Hub, including Live Trivia and Digital Coupons (more details on those features in the left navigation). Your Engagement Hub can be embedded within an app, exist as a sub-domain to your main website, or as a stand-alone URL. 

The Komo platform has an ever-growing number of content cards and tools to engage your community, backed up by a friendly and welcoming Customer Success team that exists to help you get the most out of Komo's audience engagement tools. 

What do I need to get started?

Before you jump into making your first Hub, please watch the video below. It will highlight some best practices to save you time and make your Hub stand out! 


We've also compiled a handy checklist of all the materials and assets you'll need to bring your Engagement Hub to life.

You can download a PDF version of this list here.

Promoting your Hub

Just like your social media channels and website, promoting your Hub and sending constant traffic to it is vital to successfully meeting your goals. For further suggestions regarding Hub promotion check out our article here.

Our Best Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Hub:

  • Connect your Instagram 'Link in Bio' to your Hub.  You can then convert all other links previously included in your bio into clickable banners that sit on your Hub, making the Hub your one-stop shop for community building. 
  • Place the link to your Hub on your website. This can be done through a banner, QR code, imagery or a landing page.  Incentivise traffic by explaining to your community that it is the primary location for your most up-to-date content. 
  • Add your Hub URL to all purchase receipts (physical and digital).
  • Make use of digital media; utilise paid and organic social media promotion to increase your reach. 
  • Leverage your database to increase traffic to your Hub by including it in EDMs.

In-Venue Promotion Tips:

  • Use posters with QR codes in locations your community frequents to increase awareness of the Hub and drive traffic. Popular locations are at the point of sale, in the bathroom(s), on tables, and on store windows.
  • Make use of big screens to capture crowd attention during live events.
  • On the back of receipts.
  • Provide staff with training and a 'cheat sheet' of the best ways to promote the Engagement Hub to their customers. 

Hub Content

Consider the Buyer: 

  • What do they enjoy? 
  • How do they consume information? 
  • Is your content user-friendly? 
  • What are their passion points?

Keeping the buyer persona front of mind when creating content will allow you to create higher quality content and produce a better engagement rate.

Best Practices for Creating Hub Content:

  • Don't overcomplicate your Hub; a simple quiz can be just as effective as a complex one if promoted correctly.
  • (If applicable) Offer an always on-prize that is redeemable via your Hub.
  • Use CTA's on cards to encourage further engagement with your brand.
  • Test your content to make sure you have set it up the way you've intended and to ensure customers have a good user experience.
  • Keep your content fresh. Whenever a customer visits your Engagement Hub there should always be something new for them to engage with. This will improve the user experience and keep them coming back for more content. You can do this easily utilising the card scheduling feature!

Hosting Competitions

Nearly every card on the Engagement Hub allows you to host a competition by adding a Data Capture form to the card. 

Click here to see the full article on setting up Data Capture.

Hub Ideas

The Engagement Hub features a large and ever-growing selection of Content Cards to entertain users. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Videos: The Komo platform integrates with Youtube, Vimeo and Twitch, allowing you to embed videos directly into your Hub and centralise your content for your customers.
  • Articles & Blogs: Link to PR, news articles and your blog(s) with Click banners!
  • Behind The Scenes: Use your Hub as an opportunity to truly engage with your audience by giving them a behind-the-scenes look at how you create your product or service!
  • Secret Codes: Have your users enter a secret code to unlock a special deal or coupon using the Secret Code Card. This is a great way to drive customers in-store or to your social media platforms.
  • Interesting Quotes: Use the Image Card to share interesting information and quotes about your brand. This can tie in with the other content on your Hub by providing a hint to Quiz and Number Guess Cards.
  • Teasers: Use the Hub to tease new products and draw consumers in to see what's new!
  • Customer Feedback: Use the 20 Words or Less Card to collect customer feedback about your products and services.
  • Tips and Tricks: Educate consumers on best practices to use your products and services by sharing a How-To video or blog post.
  • Promote Events: Got a big event coming up? Use the Hub to promote your in-person or virtual event by building hype with various related content such as the Countdown Card.
  • Polls: Let customers have their say on your brand with Poll Cards. These cards provide an opportunity for you to better understand your audience and improve your product.
  • Run a Rewards Campaign: Use the Receipt Uploader Card as a means to validate receipts and reward customers for their purchases. Alternatively, the card allows you to collect .JPEG and .PNG files to develop shareable, user-generated content. 


One Last Note: 

At Komo, we pride ourselves not only on the results our clients achieve with us but also on the service they receive whilst bringing their Engagement Hubs to life. 

If you ever have any questions about an upcoming activation, how you can best utilise Komo to get the best possible outcome, or just a general query, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Specialist or email us at support@komo.tech


We also love your feedback, so please let us know if this article helped you by selecting from the Yes/No below. 


Louis Docherty 

Head of Customer Success